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December 2011



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In Time.

In Time was one of the better movies I've watched so far, as the scenes stay very vivid in my mind. It's sort of like a futuristic twist to Robin Hood, just Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried are thieves that steal time from the rich for the poor. It was a little difficult to comprehend at first, but as the movie progressed, I sort of understood that they used time to pay for everything in their lives. As the saying goes, Time is Money. Meaning that if they had more time, they would be rich and immortal. And likewise for the poor who died when they "Timed-out", which was a mirror to people in our world today suffering in poverty. No money, no life.

It made me reflect a lot... And definitely after watching the movie, I guess I learnt how precious time was. Even though time is intangible and it doesn't seem as important as money in our world today, but what if we had to use our time to pay for everything? And if murderers lurk around alleys, waiting for their chance to steal your time and take your life. Makes us treasure our time much much more. Though it was just a movie,  seeing how the rich would take their time to sip a cup of tea
while the poor would run from place to place so that they don't waste time, seriously made me think a lot. 

If time really was as tangible as money, I wouldn't waste it. Obviously. But since time isn't, we all think "we have a lot of time left. I can do my work tomorrow." then we procrastinate and delay the important things in life. Until we are nearing a certain deadline, then we go "Oh shit, I need more time." Its a pity, but I think most of us are guilty of this. 

So I decided, I'll make my time more productive now. Whether its for the December holidays, for the next year on the journey towards A levels, or simply every day to day life, or when I'm out with people I love, I should wholeheartedly devote myself to what I'm doing, and not have a half-baked effort, which will lead me to wasting my time.

I feel motivated now. :)