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December 2011



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Someone to watch over me

Please please I really really really hope my PI draft will get accepted! This is try #4. If #4 fails, (hopefully not, even though 4 = si. -.-) idk what to do already cos I have brain drain. No ideas. Even #4 was sparked off from others' suggestions. >.< Yknow I wish I can submit a video PI so that in my video I can tell the examiner/marker person on why exactly mine is a risk and convince him/her verbally. Then instead of 500 words, I'll do it in 5 mins. Then it'll be to my advantage cos I speak fast ha ha ha. Yeah lah I wish. (:

PLEASE ACCEPT MY PI MS TAN. And thanks for marking it. Seriously mine's alr damn long I know nobody in the right mind will WANT to read it. Plus you have 9 other long draining PIs to read. You don't HAVE TO read it but you still do it anyway so I'm really appreciative (': I can't imagine if I was a PI tutor, how many PIs to read. And PI is only the start, still got so many more. O.O I really pei fu ni. And of course, I hope you'll see that I got put in hard work this time. Like you said that day "I don't believe in putting in more hard work than my students." Yeah okay you don't have to work harder than me, but I know you are working harder than me. Although I'm alr working considerably hard. Okay end of story, I don't think I'm making much sense. haha.

Every time hotmail shows me a (1) I will get all excited and see if its your approval/rejection email. Then come in a facebook email. Wah luggy pekcek. Hahahhaa. 

There’s a somebody I’m longin’ to see
I hope that he, turns out to be
Someone who’ll watch over me